Surfing in Morocco: Taghazout, Mirleft, Essaouira

The west coast of Morocco is more than 800 km of Morocco’s coastline, from Casablanca in the north to Dakhla down south. The months April to October is the time in which most consistent swells, decent surf occurs throughout the year, mostly taking place on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed north west coast. It is the best time for those who are looking for joy, in uncrowded warm water surf.

Best Surf towns :

  • Taghazout : Is a small village north of Agadir city in the south west of Morocco. Taghazout beach is 19 Km.
  • Mirleft : Is 140km south of Agadir and 300km from Marrakech and bewteen Tiznit and Sidi Ifni , it is a charming small town, known for its five beaches, Tamahroucht, Gzira, Sidi El Ouafi, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah and Imin Turga. Mirleft still untroubled by mass tourism, a fantastic location to escape the crowds and find some quality time for yourself.
  • Essaouira : Is the most popular of the coastal towns with independent travellers. The town has a magnificent beach that curves for miles to the south, and its atmosphere is in complete contrast to that of the Souk cities, Fes and Marrakech. It is a relaxation and also known as Morocco's windsurfing centre and increasingly promotes its self as Wind city of Africa.

If you are not interested in bringing your own surfing gear it is very easy to get them from local surfing tour operators.

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