Ferry Timetables In Morocco, Most Popluar Ferries to get to Morocco

Many International ferries operate to and out of Morocco’s main ports, such as Tangier, Nador and Tangier Med.

The most popular traveller route is from Algeciras to Tangier. There are other options of ferry with different prices and cross frequently. Another short ferry is from Algeciras Spain to Ceuta. High-speed ferries will whiz you across the Straits of Gibraltar in just over half an hour.

Most Popluar Ferries to get to Morocco

Ferries that go every day to Melilla come from Almeria and Malaga. There are also ferries between Almeria Spain and Nador Morocco. You can also get to Tangier Morocco from Tarifa Spain on a high-speed ferry.

Ferry To and From Gibraltar
It operates twice a week from Gibarltar to Tangier and is a two-hour journey.

Ferry To and From Italy
Ferries operate every six days and it takes 2 days boating from Genoa Italy to Tangier Morocco.

Ferry To and From France
The Ferries go from Sete to Tangier all year round. It takes 36 hours. During summer holidays, it also available from Sete France to Nador Morocco and from Port Vendres France to Tangier Morocco. The ferries have restaurants, nightclubs, beds and shops on board.

Ferries TimeTables


Ferries from Genoa (Italy) to Tanger (Morocco) via Barcelona
From Genoa (Italy) to Tanger (Morocco) departure 11.00 am every Saturday
From Tangeri (Morocco) to Genoa (Italy) departure 11.00 pm every Tuesday
Ferries from Barcelona (Spain) to Tanger (Morocco) departure 19.00hrs every Sunday
From Tanger (Morocco) to Barcelona (Spain) departure 11.00 hrs every Tuesday

Acciona Trasmediterranea:

(Flag/Crew: Spanish)
Service with fast ferries:
From Algeciras (Spain) to Ceuta (Spain in Morocco) 35 minutes
Service with regular ferries:
From Barcelona (Spain) to Tanger (Morocco) with Trasmediterranea
From Algeciras (Spain) to Tanger (Morocco) 2,30 hrs. trip
From Algeciras (Spain) to (Spain in Morocco) 1,30 hrs. trip
From Malaga (Spain) to Melilla (Spain in Morocco) 7 hrs. trip
From Almeria (Spain) to Melilla (Spain in Morocco) 6 hrs. trip
From Almeria (Spain) to Nador (Morocco) 6 hrs. trip


Ferries from Genoa (Italy) to Tanger (Morocco) 48 hrs trip with M/vessel "Ouzoud"
Departure from 6/1 to 31/12 about every 6 days
From Genoa (Italy) to Tanger (Morocco)
From Tangeri (Morocco) to Genoa (Italy)
Camping on board is not permitted.
Embarking Disembarking operations in Genoa (Italy) on pier "Ponte Andrea Doria"
Ferries from Sète (France) to Tanger (Morocco) 36 hrs trip with M/vessel "Ouzoud"
Departure from 3/1 to 29/12 about every 5 days
From Sète (France) to Tanger (Morocco)
From Tanger (Morocco) to Sète (France)
Child up to 4 ys FREE Child from 4 to 12 yrs 50% of the tariffs plus taxes

Ferry Morocco:

Daily departures with m/vessels Scirocco and Mistral (Flag/Crew: Morocco)
From Almeria (Spain) to Nador (Morocco)

Euro Ferrys:

Ferries from Algeciras (Spain) to Ceuta
Departure with Catamaran "Pacifica" 101 metres, up to 600 passengers and 150 cars and a speed of 35 knots. Crossing time of Gibraltar Strait 35 minutes.
Ferries from Algeciras (Spain) to Tanger (Morocco)
Departure with m/n Atlantica, 125 metres, up to 1025 passengers and 400 cars and a speed of 19 knots


Departure with m/Vessel Casanova (Flag/Crew: French) From Sète (France) to Tanger (Morocco)

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