Sahara Desert Information, Sand Boarding, Quad Biking

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams...” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

The Erg Chebbi dunes gives an iconic image of the desert, the sandy dunes of this seemingly endless expanse have deep troughs and reach dazzling peaks of some 250m. Sand dunes are usually formed in two ways. They are formed when the wind blows the sand into a pile or a dune. The other way is when the water pushes the sand into a ridge or over a period of a time a dune.
The two tiny villages of Merzouga right beside Hassi Labied are the last settlements before the dunes have caught the attention of adventurous trekkers. Certainly the highlight of the desert is the camel " Desert Ship". The camels are able to resist ten times longer without water than any other animal, and can thus cross the endless desert for many months without drinking. A camel trek in the Sahara desert will make you experience the old caravans in the past years that used to travel on centuries-old routes seeking cool oases, springs of water and dealing in salt and spices...
Nothing compares with sleeping underneath the desert sky in the middle of the dunes. Stars gaze the bright night amidst the fresh air and live the experience of the desert people. …

Things to do - Morocco Desert Activities

Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding in the desert can be a great fun way to explore Morocco dunes. You can surf down the massive up to 250 high dunes. Sandboarding is an experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Skiing are permitted anywhere on the dunefield away from vegetated areas. Most terrain sandboards are composed of hardwood ply, while 'full-size' sandboards are a wood, fiber glass, and plastic composite. However, a sandboarding base will sometimes work on steeper dunes. Sleds or sandboards can be rented or purchased at various Bazaars in Merzouga or Hassi blied.

Quad Biking
Quad biking, If you are adventurous travelers the Morocco desert invites you to experience the thrill of racing across sand dunes on a quad bike. There are two types of bikes you can choose from. For those who are a little unsure of their motorbike prowess there are 160cc semi automatic quad bikes, while for those who wish to go hell for leather and have some idea of what they are doing there are 200cc manual quad bikes but a little introduction to quad biking, you'll be ready to negotiate your all-terrain vehicle across the undulating sand dunes with your guide, there are couple of quad biking agencies that you can visit for further details.

Fossils and Carvings
Erg Chebbi Desert region is an ideal place for anthropologists and fossil lovers as the portion of the Sahara Desert which was once an ocean has revealed many, such as ammonites, orthoceras, trilobites. Many carvings rock art were found in different regions of Morocco including the desert specifically Taouz which have been produced in many different contexts throughout human history that highly appealing outlnes of animals that goes back to thousands of years ago. You can hire one of the local people to show you around.

Nomads Donation
Visiting the nomads of the region and discover their style of life. You want proof. You care about nomads and their children and want to invest in a charity that creates sustainable solutions to the root causes of need, a day with nomads will be an exception to share happiness with these people. What is old to you, is now for them, many of them don’t have proper clothing and shoes to help keep their bodies and feet protected by donating second hand shoes, clothing and simple medicine cases, you can greatly improve the life and well-being of the nomad children who live on the otherside of the dunes.

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