Biking in Morocco: Anti-Atlas village of Tafraoute, High Atlas pistes and footpaths along the Aït Bougmez Valley

Moroco is an extremely attractive bike destination in Northern Africa with a dense network of macadam, footpaths, as well as secondary road routes, offering very rewarding biking for recreational cyclists as well as for professionals.

There are many popular routes like the roads and pistes that pass through the Anti-Atlas village of Tafraoute; the High Atlas pistes and footpaths along the Aït Bougmez Valley, are ones of Morocco’s most absorbing and picturesque trailheads, offers a unique biking experience as well the magnificent pass of Tizi Ntast between Marrakech and Taroudant, going down to the desert to appreciate biking through the palmeraie valleys of Draa and Ziz.

If you don't want to take your own bike it very easy to find hotels or local biking companies that can organise adventure bike to the Atlas mountains ... or if you like to come to Morocco with your own bike remember to bring a good repair kit.

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