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Interesting Facts :

  • - In many Moroccan homes, the men will gather in one room and the women will congregate in another, they don't share the same meals like in western cultures.
  • - Upon greeting a Moroccan family, the men will embrace and the women will embrace, but a mixed gender embrace is a big NO
  • - Touching, long handshakes, grasped elbows, even walking hand in hand by two males is a common sight in the Moroccan culture. There is a considerable number of Moroccans touching more between the same sex, to show liking–not sex. They hold hands and hug each other to signify their close freindship.

Some useful Moroccan, Arabic words for your visit in Morocco

English Moroccan Arabic
Hello / Hi Salaam Alekom
Welcome Ahlan
Yes yah
NO laa
Please afak
Perfect, Nice mezyan
How much B-sh-hal
Who shkon
Where Feen
I want Ana bghit
Really Bsah
Go away Seer bhalak
Water lma
I don't want Mabghitch
No thank you Laa shoukrn
Yes thank you yah shoukran
Tea Atay
Coffee Kahwa
Thanks god Elhamadollah
Left Shemal
Right Yemin
Enough Safi

Common words and expressions

English Moroccan Arabic
Milk halib
Beer biera
Sugar sokkar
Key sarut
Pillow makhadda
Soap saboon
Restroom hammam
Bed sireer
Door bab
Left sheemai
Right yameen
Straight ahead seer nishan
Here hena
There henak
There is/are

wash .. ?

Is/are there? wash … ?
What's your name? ismak ?
I am / My name is… ismi…
Where is the hotel ? fayn al fondok ?
where is the boat ? fayn al markib ?
where is the airport? fayn al matter ?
how much ? besh-hal ?
how many ? kam ?
why ? alash ?
when ? imta?
How? kifash?
how are you ? labas alik?
how do you do ? ash kataawd ?
I (me) ana
You inta/inti (m/f)
You (plural) intom
He howa
She heya
We ehna
They homma

Arabic Numbers

0 - Sifr 5 - Khamsa 10 - Ashra 60 - Setteen
1 - Wahed 6 - Sitta 20 - Aishreen 70 - Sabein
2 - Ittnen 7 - Sabbah 30 - Talatteen 80 - Tamanein
3 - Talata 8 - Tamaniya 40 - Arbaein  
4 - Arbah 9 - Tissa 50 - Khamseen  

Names in Arabic
25 Most Popular American Female Names

James - جايمس Christopher - كريستوفر Ronald - رونالد
John - جون Daniel - دانيال Anthony - أنتوني
Robert - روبرت Paul - بول Kevin - كيفن
Michael - ميشال Mark - مارك Jason - جايسون
William - ويليام Donald - دونالد Jeff - جيف
David - ديفد George - جورج  
Richard - ريتشارد Kenneth - كينث   
Charles - شارل Steven - ستيفن  
Joseph - جوزيف Edward - ادوارد  
Thomas - توماس Brian - براين  

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