Morocco Transportation

There is around 57625 kilometres of roads (national, regional and provincial) in Morocco and an additional 1420 kilometers of highways.

In Morocco the drive is on the right side as in the continental Europe. The daylight driving is generally a no problem, even in bigger cities. It is not too stressful. Speed limits in built up areas range from 40 to 60 km/h, while outside the towns, there is national speed limit of 100 km/h, rising to 120 km/h on the only stretch of tollway which lies between the big cities Rabat, Casablanca, Tanger and Agadir.

The roads connecting the main centres are pretty good. There are many places that you cannot reach without private transport, so to have a car would be an advantage.

Cities and bigger towns have local "petit taxis " which are of different colours in every city. They are licensed to carry up to three passengers and are often metered. They are not permitted to go beyond the city limit. If they are not metered, you will have to agree on a price in advance. The drivers are perfectly honest as it is culturally like that. Many "grand taxis " will do runs too. They do not have meters and will have toagree on a price too.

Basic taxi talk:

English Moroccan Arabic
I want to go to ... ana bghit nmshi ...
Do you know ...? wash taraf ...?
Straight mshi nishan
Turn/go left dor yassar
Turn/go right dor yamin
Stop here (here is fine) wakf hna
Please min fadlak
Thank-you shukran
To the Airport lil mataar
OK Safi

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