FAQ -Travel Questions about Morocco

Accommdation Enquiries

What's it like to stay in a Moroccan Riad?

Staying in a riad is definitely something you shouldn't miss when traveling to Morocco, this way you'll get an authentic image of the real Morocco.

What are the differences between bed and breakfast, half board?

Bed and breakfast means that only breakfast is included beside the bed.
Half board means that breakfast and dinner are included.

I have some expensive items which I do not want to leave lying in my room/cabin, what should I do?

Most of the hotels have safety deposit boxes, sometimes even in your room/cabin. All you need do is ask at reception and they will give you instructions on how to use them.

As a student is it possible to get a budget accommodation in Marrakech or Fes ?

There are many cheap, clean and well located hotels/hostel/riads in Marrakech and Fes. In Morocco There is a great choice of accommodation for different budgets.


Getting Around Enquiries

Is it safe to drive in Morocco?

It is not advised to attempt this, though some road signs are in French and Arabic, the majority are in Arabic only and there are simply not any good road maps as well the lights during the night are very seldom done. So hiring a local driver who knows the country would be very advisable.

Is it okay to hitchhike between towns to save some money?

Sometimes it isfine but mostly you could find yourself paying more for the ride than the fare by bus or taxi would have been.

Can I get to Morocco by ferry boat from Europe?

Algeciras ( Spain ) to Tangiers is the most popular route to Morocco. It take around thirty minutes to cross and it travels mostly every hour.

How about camel ride ?

Some people find it comfortable while others no, but camel ride is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.


Health Enquiries

Is it easy to find pharmacies everywhere in Morocco ?

Mostly there are pharmacies in every town, the only issue is a very few pharmacist speak English but you can ask your guide to translate.

Is it safe to drink the water in Morocco?

It not advised! As you are not used to it, it can upset you stomach, causing diarrhoea. For drinking preferrable bottled water.

Is it safe to brush my teeth with tap water?

It is perfectly safe to do this. You often swallow small amounts of water whilst in the shower or swimming and this causes no problems.


Money Enquiries

Can I use my credit cards easily?

Most places accept these including all decent hotels / riads , but most of restaurants do not, so it advisable to carry cash and for shopping in the souks.

Are there plenty of ATM’s?

Every bank has an ATM outside it. You can also find them in the airports and railway stations.

How much spending money should I bring?

Everyone has their own style and rate of travel spending.


General Enquiries

Is it safe for women to travel alone ?

It is generally safe but dress conservatively by covering your shoulders, stomach and keens and avoid fitting clothes, no need to cover your head, try to use your common sense when dealing with men avoid overdoing the eyes contact with unkown men.

Is it a good idea traveling with children to Morocco ?

Moroccans love children and they are the central aspiration in every Moroccan family, having a child can help you to open up opportunities for getting to know people. Bring your child's favourite teddy bear or equivalent like colouring pencils and books that will keep the child occupy during long trips.

Can I get alcohol in Morocco?

Alcohol is available in Morocco, in big super markets and better hotels, foreingers restaurants. You should know you are only allowed to bring 2 litres with you into the country.

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